Monday, August 31, 2015

Grizzly Bear Complex Fire Evacuation Level Update, Effective 12 NOON Monday, August 31, 2015

Evacuation levels reduced for Grizzly Bear Complex Fire
      Elgin, Ore. – Because fire lines on the east and southern flanks successfully held on the Grizzly Bear Complex Fire through high winds on Saturday and cooler, wetter weather is predicted this week and the near future, additional reductions to yesterday’s changes in evacuation levels have been recommended today by the Wallowa County (Oregon) and Asotin County (Washington) sheriffs, emergency management and incident management officials.  The changes will be in effect today at 12 noon.

The new changes in levels include elimination of the Level 1 evacuation levels for the area east of Highway 129 in Washington and the area west of Highway 3 to the Grand Ronde River in Oregon.  The area west of Highway 129 in Washington will be reduced to a Level 1 and all of the Level 3 area in both states will be changed to a Level 2. 
The revised map of evacuation levels are posted on line for the Grizzly Bear Complex Fire.  A new Umatilla National Forest Closure Order was added on Sunday, August 30, 2015 to the existing closure for the Complex yesterday to include the area surrounding Bluewood Ski Area.  Closure Order T2015-0614-UM-013 and T2015-0614-UM-014 are in effect.  Complete Closure Map.

The written definition of the revised evacuation levels is now follows:
Level 2: Troy, Eden Bench, Grouse Flat, and Bartlett. Evacuation 2 Level includes the area north of the Grande Ronde River at the state line; west of Oregon Highway 129; to the western section lines of 13, 14, 27, and 36 T07R4E to the National Forest Boundary; along the National Forest boundary to the Grand Ronde River. The Evacuation Area Level 2 includes the Wenaha State Wildlife Area, southwest of Troy, Ore. Please refer to the DETAILED MAP for the area under Level 2 Evacuation.
Level 1: The closure area is as follows: From Asotin west along County Road 105 to County Road 110 to County Road 181 to Forest Road (FR) 41 to FR 40 to FR 44 to FR 43 to Forest Boundary; south along the western section lines of Sections 13, 14, 27, and 36, T07R4E, to Highway 129, and north to Asotin.  Asotin is no longer on an evacuation level.

Sheriffs and county emergency are working with affected residents. You can get updated fire information, including local Evacuation Levels, by calling Fire Information at (541) 612-0059; Hours:7 AM-9 PM or by looking at

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