Monday, July 26, 2021

Elbow Creek Fire Evening Update July 26, 2021 6 p.m.

 Wallowa, OR – The Elbow Creek Fire is approximately 22,790 acres and 32 percent contained. More firefighting personnel and equipment arrived today, filling all fire line resource needs.

The Elbow Creek area continues to be the focus for firefighters. Crews continue to suppress spot fires in the area and tie a short section of containment line together. Tonight, the priority is finishing the last bit of burnouts.

Due to the incredible work of our firefighters, fire progression has been stopped in the Sickfoot Creek drainage. The focus here will now transition to mop-up operations. To the east of Sickfoot, in the southern corner of the fire perimeter, a couple of minor spot fires were caught today. These have been taken care of but reminds crews to stay diligent, even in times of stable fire conditions.

The conditions on the east side of the fire have not changed. Tomorrow’s operations will include deeper interior mop-up as well as strengthening of the fire line.

The 6213 Road will be opened briefly tomorrow to allow wildland fire investigators access to complete their investigation of the fire.

Weather patterns will remain consistent with what they have been, although temperatures will lower slightly. Winds will remain relatively light, and humidity will increase a little. The forecast does predict a very slight chance of rain and thunderstorms during tomorrow’s operational period.

Evacuation levels within Wallowa County remain unchanged for now. It has been discovered that two single residences were destroyed during the course of the fire, as well as four minor structures. Additional information on evacuation levels is available on the Wallowa County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page (


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