Sunday, July 25, 2021

Elbow Creek Spotlight for July 25, 2021 9 a.m.

 CURRENT FIRE SIZE AS OF 7/25/21 IR FLIGHT                                    22,681 ACRES 

CURRENT FIRE CONTAINMENT                                                                                  28% 


Last night’s fire operations went well, setting the precedent for another successful day on the line. The two-day old, 50-acre spot fire east from the 6212 Road was active last night but crews were quick to respond. The spot fire is in mop-up status today. An overnight infrared flight over the fire revealed that the fire within containment lines is much less active than previous days. 

The Sickfoot Creek area is a priority for today’s operations. Presented with several options in the difficult terrain in the area, crews are planning to go more direct here constructing line tight to the fire perimeter.  

The northwest and southeast sections of the fire remain stable and were in patrol status last night.  

Similar weather conditions as yesterday can be expected today. Smoky, but with a mild wind flow to hopefully increase visibility for aircraft.  

After shift tomorrow, Big Hole Spike Camp will be relocated to Elgin.  

Today is National Thread the Needle Day, symbolic of where we are at in our fire operations – we have completed most challenging tasks and now it is time to sew things up.  

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