Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Public Use Restrictions Eased on the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest

Chainsaw use prohibited and campfires allowed only in designated recreation sites.

Baker City, OR:  Forest officials will implement Phase B public use restrictions at 12:01 AM on Thursday, September 3rd, 2015 on the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest. Weather has moderated slightly, but fire danger remains extreme in most locations. The Phase B restrictions pertain to the use of campfires, smoking, chainsaws, internal combustion engines, and generators.

“Despite lower temperatures and cooler nights, we still have not had any significant amount of rain which means the potential for fires remains high and forecasts predict temperatures to rise again next week” said Bret Ruby, Fire Staff Officer for the Wallowa Whitman National Forest.  Ruby added, “With hunting season beginning we all need to be aware of these conditions, be cautious when recreating in the forest, and think about fire prevention.”

Beginning Thursday, campfires will ONLY be allowed in designated campgrounds and recreation sites. A list of the designated campgrounds and recreation sites are listed below. Liquefied or bottled gas stoves and heaters are allowed for cooking and heating. Exceptions include:

  • The Eagle Cap Wilderness will be open to campfires, with the exception of the existing campfire restriction which prohibits building or maintaining a campfire within 100 feet of any lake or posted wetlands inside the wilderness area.
  • The Oregon side of the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area will be subject to the Phase B Public Use Restrictions, with the exception of the yearlong fire restriction on land within a ¼ mile of the Snake River. For more information about conditions and restrictions on the Idaho side of the Hells Canyon NRA, please visit:

Operating an internal combustion engine, such as a chainsaw, is prohibited. Firewood cutting is not allowed.  This restriction applies to all internal combustion engines except motor vehicles. Generators will only be allowed in the center of an area at least 10 feet in diameter that is cleared of all flammable material, or; when fully contained within a pickup truck bed that is devoid of all flammable material, or; when factory installed in a recreational vehicle and the generator exhaust discharge is located in the center of an area at least 10 feet in diameter that is cleared of all flammable material.

Smoking is only allowed within enclosed vehicles, buildings, and developed recreation sites or when stopped in an area cleared of all flammable material.

As a reminder, No off-road/off-trail vehicle travel or travel on roads not cleared of standing grass or other flammable material; no vehicle travel on those FS roads where access has been impeded or blocked by earthen berm, logs, boulders, barrier, barricade or gate, or as otherwise identified in the Fire Order..  Vehicles must still abide by all laws and regulations pertaining to the area of travel. 

Regulated closures are in effect on State and private lands protected by Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) in northeast and central Oregon.  Please check with your local Oregon Department of Forestry office for public use restrictions on lands protected by ODF.  Visit the Blue Mountain Interagency Dispatch webpage at: or contact a local Oregon Department of Forestry office for more complete information.  Similar restrictions may be in effect on State and private lands protected by the Washington Department of Natural Resources (WA-DNR).  More information can be found on the WA-DNR website at:

For more information and a list of designated recreation areas and campsites where campfires are permitted during Phase B Public Use Restrictions, please contact:

Wallowa-Whitman NF: 541-523-6391
Baker City: 541-523-1234
La Grande: 541-962-8679
Joseph: 541-426-5552

Campfires are allowed in the provided fire pits at the following campgrounds and recreation sites:

Near Baker City, Oregon:
·   Anthony Lakes Campground and Picnic Area
·   Grande Ronde Lake Campground and Day Use Area
·   Millers Lane Campground
·   Mud Lake Campground
·   Southwest Shore Campground
·   Union Creek Campground and Picnic Area

Near Unity, Oregon:
·   Antlers Guard Station
·   Elk Creek Campground
·   Oregon Campground
·   South Fork Campground
·   Steven’s Creek Campground
·   Wetmore Campground
·   Yellow Pine Campground
Near La Grande, Oregon:
·   Birdtrack Springs Campground
·   Boulder Park Campground
·   Buck Creek Trailhead
·   Frog Heaven Campground
·   Moss Springs Campground
·   North Fork Catherine Ck. Campground, Trailhead and Group Camp
·   Oregon Trail Interpretive Park
·   Spool Cart Campground
·   Spring Creek Campground
·   Two Color Campground and Guard Station
·   Umapine Campground
·   West Eagle Meadow Campground

Near Halfway, Oregon:
·   Eagle Forks Campground
·   Fish Lake Campground
·   Lake Fork Campground
·   McBride Campground
·   Tamarack Campground
·   Twin Lakes Campground

Near Enterprise, Oregon:
·   Arrow Campground
·   Blackhorse Campground
·   Boundary Campground
·   Buckhorn Campground
·   Canyon Forest Campground
·   Coverdale Campground
·   Coyote Campground
·   Dougherty Campground
·   Hidden Campground
·   Hurricane Creek Campground
·   Indian Crossing Campground
·   Irondyke Campground
·   Lick Creek Campground
·   Lostine River Corridor Campsites
·   Ollokot Campground
·   Pole Bridge Day Use
·   Saddle Creek Campground
·   Shady Campground
·   Turkey Flat Campground
·   Two Pan Campground
·   Vigne Campground
·   Irondyke Campground
·   Walla-Walla Campground
·   Williamson Campground

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