Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Grizzly Bear Complex Daily Update 09/01/15 8:00 p.m.

Another Excellent day on the Grizzly Bear Complex
      Elgin, Ore. Today, the meteorologist predicted that this would be the warmest day of the week.  Fire behavior was moderate and firefighters continued mop-up and line construction in all areas of the fire. The fire, still active, is finding its way through the heavier dry fuels and drying the finer fuels which were exposed to moisture.
Crews hiked into the Bear Ridge Fire area (north of the main Grizzly Bear Fire) constructing and improving fire line along the Misery Trail system. A large lift capacity helicopter was extensively used to provide water drops on the hot areas of this fire. A fire use module (10 person crew capable of spending 7 days without returning to camp) will start work on this fire tomorrow. They will monitor, gather data and perform suppression activities. This crew will be used on the Bear Ridge Fire.
A fire line to the north from Road 4039 is being used to hold the fire in check. Dozers pushed north to the wilderness boundary and crews will construct hand line on top of Driveway Ridge that ties back into Forest Road 40. By building line closer to the fire will save approximately 2,500 acres from being burnt.
Fallers have finished cutting down the snags and fire-weakened trees on the southern flank making it safe for National Guard members. They moved into this area today and are mopping up 100% of the visible smokes and hot spots that threaten the containment lines.
When crews mop up from a fire containment line, they examine the soil and organic debris for hot spots.  They expose any burning material and soak the embers with water or smother and mix the smoldering vegetation with dirt.
The fire continues to move up the Wenaha River drainage.  Preparations are underway and a containment line (Forest Road 64) is being improved as the fire moves toward the Forest Boundary.
A small burnout operation was accomplished this afternoon near Turkey Tail and Slick Ear as the fire bumps along Forest Road 300.

Due to containment accomplishments and moderation of the weather, the Evacuation Levels in place to the south and east of the Grizzly Bear Complex Fire decreased.  There are No areas under a Level 3 evacuation. The Troy, Grouse Flat, and Eden Bench area are now at Level 2.  Asotin county north  of Boggan’s Oasis and Big Butte are at Level 1.  Please look at inciweb and other websites listed above to view the current (August 31) Evacuation Level map.

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