Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fire Update

Dry Gulch – Eagle Complex – Cornet/Windy Ridge
Fire Information Update
Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015

Fire Information: (541) 975-4271
                              (541) 523-1208

 Smoke Visible on Fires with Warm, Dry Weather
Smoke is appearing in the Dry Gulch, Eagle Complex, and Cornet-Windy Ridge fires with the warm, dry weather.  The weather forecast is for continued warm and dry conditions through the weekend, with no significant precipitation predicted.  All fire containment lines are holding.  Firefighters are watching these fires closely, and extinguishing the smokes that are near the perimeter of the fire, and putting them out in the interior of the fire as needed.   A helicopter with a bucket is available for water drops and reconnaissance missions.
Dry Gulch Fire:  A small local Type 4 organization took command of the Dry Gulch Fire yesterday, under Randy Simrell, Type 4 Incident Commander.  Resources assigned to the fire today include 1 crew and 3 engines, working out of Halfway, OR.  

The Dry Gulch fire burned 17,823 acres which includes: 10,396 acres (58%) of Bureau of Land Management land; 2480 acres (14%) on the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest; 4814 acres (27%) of other jurisdictions; and 133 acres (1%) of land protected by the Oregon Department of Forestry.  The cause of the fire is under investigation.  No structures were lost in the Dry Gulch fire. There are no evacuation notices in place for the Dry Gulch fire.

The crew is continuing to secure the fire line and mop up hot spots in the timber along the northern perimeter of the fire.  They started at the edge of the fire and worked in deeper from the perimeter.  Firefighters used hand held infrared cameras to find heat along the north perimeter of the fire, and then extinguished those hot spots.

The excavators and dozer have finished repairing the effects of fire suppression on contingency dozer fire lines, by pulling back berm material, and spreading brush, limbs and rocks over contingency fire lines that were constructed by dozers.  Water bars were installed to divert run off water along dozer fire lines on slopes.  Suppression repair work on the dozer fire lines used for control along the perimeter of the Dry Gulch fire will be done later this fall when those fire lines are no longer needed for fire suppression.

Eagle Complex:  Smoke is visible in the Sullivan Creek area on the east side of the fire, and on the west side of the fire in the Boulder and Two Color area.  A hotshot crew is assigned to the Eagle Complex beginning today, to mop up smokes and patrol the Sullivan Creek area.  Other resources include a ten person crew, engines, and dozer.

The suppression repair work has been completed on all the interior and contingency dozer fire lines on the Eagle Complex. Water bars were installed on dozer lines on slopes to prevent erosion.  Berm material was put back in place, and brush, limbs and rocks were spread over these dozer lines.  After the fire suppression is finished this fall, the fire suppression repair work will be done on the primary dozer fire lines used for control around the perimeter of the fire.

Cornet-Windy Ridge Fire:  A helicopter reconnaissance flight found a small slop over outside the fire line on Monday in the Denny Creek area on the northwest side of the fire, and firefighters quickly extinguished it.  A helicopter flight with an infrared camera searched the perimeter of the Cornet-Windy Ridge fire yesterday, and did not find any additional hot spots.  A crew and 3 engines continue to monitor and patrol the fire each day, to extinguish any heat they find along the perimeter of the fire.

Public Use Fire Restrictions:
Campfires are allowed in the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest with specific requirements for a cleared area, fire ring, tools and water to make them safe.  For more detailed information please contact any Wallowa-Whitman National Forest office or visit the website at    Information is also available at the Blue Mountain Fire Information BlogSpot at 

A regulated closure is in effect on state and private lands protected by Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) in northeast Oregon. Please check with a local Oregon Department of Forestry office for more complete information on public use fire restrictions on lands protected by ODF, or visit the Blue Mountain Interagency Dispatch webpage at:

Fire prevention orders are also in effect for public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  For further information contact a BLM office or the website at

Dry Gulch Fire:
17,823 Acres
90% Containment
36 Personnel
            Cause-Under investigation
7 miles NW of Richland, OR
OR Dept. of Forestry
Wallowa-Whitman NF
Bureau of Land Mgt.
Eagle Valley RFPD
Pine Valley RFPD

Eagle Complex:
12,763 Acres
75% Containment
40 Personnel
Cause – Lightning
20 Miles NW of Richland, OR
Wallowa-Whitman NF
OR Dept. of Forestry

Cornet-Windy Ridge Fire:
103,887 Acres
 100% Containment
20 Personnel  

                 Cause – Lightning             
 4 Miles west of Durkee
OR Dept. of Forestry
Wallowa-Whitman NF
 Bureau of Land Mgt.  

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