Monday, June 7, 2021

Cooler temps and calmer winds quiet the Dry Creek Fire

The Dry Creek Fire is located in a remote area of Hells Canyon (far NE of Joseph, OR).  Its footprint encompasses an area of approx. 1600 acres.  Most fire growth was driven by high winds on Saturday, and conditions have moderated since.  Growth in the past 24 hours has been limited to approx. 100 acres in the SE corner of the fire perimeter, between Dry Creek and Wild Canyon.

Planned actions today include:  

  • Continuing to secure the fire’s edge in Downey Gulch and Dry Creek Ridge. 
  • Scouting to look for opportunities to secure the fire’s edge west of Cook Creek. 
  • Utilizing helicopters with water buckets to assist the crews. 
  • Establishing "spike camps" for two hotshot crews to stay overnight near the fire, both to increase the efficiency of suppression efforts and to reduce the risk involved in shuttling crews to/from the site. 

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